The Blazer, The Tee and The Jeans

This look is nearly impossible to get wrong. The only thing you need to be aware of is your colour choices. Don't go for outlandish colours and prints. Keep it simple and go for flat colours that work well. This look is the definition of “smart/casual.” it’s relaxed enough for going to the pub to watch the game or it’s smart enough were you wouldn't look completely out of place at a networking event. You will look more like a “entrepreneur” type than someone who couldn’t be bother putting on full length trousers in the morning. Go for a single breasted blazer, a fitted t shirt (crew neck works best) and a pair of jeans. Try to stick to slim fitting denim. If you have a pair of chelsea boots and a leather belt then you are pretty much done! If you are looking to get some bits and bobs to complete this look them you should have a look at these topman discount codes and grab yourself a bargain.